Friday, 22 June 2012

Railway Halts of Sri Lanka:Penrhos

Railway Halts of Sri Lanka

Penrhos (PRP) is another small estate or plantation halt.

The setting is rather picturesque as can be seen from the photographs taken from the train. The trees in the background are Eucalyptus trees originally planted by the British and which prevent landslides.
Location: Main Line at 93:09 between Inguru Oya and Galaboda. 
Train services: As for Hyndford.
Some mixed local baby trains between Nawalapitiya and Hatton stop here. The main trains, Udarata Menike, Podi Menike and the Night Mail Train do not stop here. There is no ticket office. The guard on the train sells tickets.

See Kumaran's cartoon: Baby Train

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