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As long ago as the 26th of November 2001, I published a web page entitled "The Sri Lanka Railway"
Resources were limited and so was my knowledge of HTML!
In spite of that, the site attracted a number of rail enthusiasts from all over the world. Some of us then went on to form railway fora and clubs mostly to do with Sri Lankan Railways.
The website still exists in its original form, but is in great need of a good re-vamp.
Instead of spending too much time on revamping, I decided to extract some of the more interesting articles and start this blog.
It is not going to be all old stuff. There is a lot of recent material on this Blog and more will be added in due course. 
In fact, most of the new stuff will, by definition, have to be new material!

For what it is worth, here is a link to the original site: The Sri Lanka Railway
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